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Gary Pleickhardt

I’ve used Chicagoland Commercial as a receiver on distressed real estate, as a manager of OREO properties, and as a listing agent on commercial real estate.  I have been impressed with their knowledge of the local market.  They have successfully marketed and sold numerous properties for our financial institutions.  Additionally they have reliably handled receivership and management responsibilities on various properties, often advising us to take appropriate actions to protect the values of our properties.  Chicagoland Commercial has always been extremely responsive, returning phone calls and handling emergencies promptly, including weekends and holidays.  Ongoing communication on all matters they handle has been a demonstrated strength of theirs.  In addition to the reasons I’ve already listed, everyone I’ve met at Chicagoland Commercial are people with whom I enjoy interacting – whether it’s over a business lunch, during a round of golf, or at their holiday party.  I’d highly recommend them.

Gary Pleickhardt | Vice President | Managed Assets Division Wintrust Financial Corporation